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Comprehensive POS System for Full-Service Restaurants: Seamlessly handle orders, reservations, and payments for an exceptional dining experience. 🍽️📝


Efficient POS System for Quick-Service Restaurants: Speed up order processing, enhance customer service, and optimize operations seamlessly. 🍔🍟


Tailored POS System for Nightclubs & Bars: Manage drinks, tabs, and payments effortlessly, elevating the nightlife experience. 🍹🎶

& Bars

Advanced POS System for Pizza Shops: Simplify order taking, manage deliveries, and track inventory effortlessly to serve up piping-hot pizzas. 🍕


Efficient coffee shop POS System: Streamline orders, payments, and inventory management for a seamless and delightful customer experience. ☕


Free Hardware ​+ $29 a month
for each POS station

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Benefits of working
with us:

We offer a complete and secure point of sale solution tailored to meet the unique needs of the hospitality, retail, foodservice and other industries.
Accelerate customer and customer service

Get up to 4X faster transaction time with a secure, contactless payment system that supports all major credit cards.

Simplify pricing and reporting processes

You can easily manage prices and create detailed reports instantly.

Improve staff actions and reduce employee errors

Our system allows your employees to accept payments quickly, accurately and securely.

Reliable protection of funds

Our contactless payment technology ensures that your funds are always protected from fraud and theft.

When it comes to restaurants, we know that the staff is the heart of the experience. They are the faces that are seen on the frontlines and the ones that forge connections that bring customers back time and time again. Standing behind them, though, is the POS system that allows them to keep operations running smoothly and ensuring satisfaction all around. Skytab is a POS system that was created to give you and your staff the ultimate level of support. No matter how chaotic things may get, you can rest assured that Skytab will see you through to the otherside.

Skytab POS vs. Competitors

Unlike its competitors, Skytab POS offers a unique blend of benefits that was designed to change the game. It’s backed by a team of industry professionals and boasts a roster of over 200 developers dedicated to continuous software improvement. The system comes with free hardware, low software fees, remote and onsite support, free programming, free installation, and comprehensive training. As technology and operations continue to morph and evolve, Sky tab is committed to evolving alongside your business.
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Getting Burned by Your POS Provider?

We'll Pay You $5,000 to Switch to SkyTab!

Skyrocket Your Business with Sky Tab

SkyTab delivers a best-in-class POS solution packed with the features you need to run your business from front-of-house to back-of-house to everything in between:

• Online ordering & reservations
• Mobile ordering & pay-at-the-table
• QR code ordering & payments

• Powerful reporting & analytics
• Built-in marketing & loyalty tools
• Local support & service

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Have already used our services

The best systems for your business


SkyTab Online integrates directly into the POS system, so you have every order at your fingertips.

Mobile Ordering & Payments

Boost efficiency and elevate the customer experience with mobile ordering and payment technology.

Order & Pay

Boost efficiency and elevate the customer experience with mobile ordering and payment technology.

& Waitlists

Manage your reservations and waitlist right from the point of sale system.

& Loyalty

Engage your current customers and bring in new ones with powerful marketing and loyalty features.

Point of Sale

We play well with others to take your operations to the next level.

What our clients say about us

Olivia Ramos
Olivia Ramos
Very well trained professional work done right! Best POS by far! Definitely will be recommending to all my business friends! The customer service has gotten better and I love the fact that they have real technicians that can come by to fix issues next day!
Little Pecan Bistro
Little Pecan Bistro
Costs of using this POS is much cheaper than some companies in the market. Customer service in general is very caring and professional. The system is easy to operate with. The online gift cards purchase isn’t user friendly, called service team several times, not so much improvement has been made. Hopefully in the future they may solve the problem.
Ray Murray
Ray Murray
Did a lot of research on different POS before deciding on this one for 3 restaurants. Very happy with our decision. It has all of the modern equipment and convenience features we wanted at a better price point than most others out there. The 3 restaurants are all different so it’s nice to be able customize the set up to fit each one’s unique needs. Very user friendly interface on POS, handhelds, and back office log in. All in all a really great value!
I’m very fond of this and will continue to do business with them, very helpful always and good care whenever needed.
best pos system! especially Max the sales rep helped us a lot with setting up the account!
Carmelo Graceffa
Carmelo Graceffa
Sales rep Max worked with us on selling and installing a brand new Harbortouch POS. He was helpful every step of the way. He knows the product and he adjusted the software to work for our restaurant. The system is pretty easy to use. Remote tech support is available to troubleshoot when we need them. We're pretty satisfied. This was our very first POS. Our operations streamlined significantly.
Jim Tziavas
Jim Tziavas
We just got our pos system in our restaurant. Everything works good so far. We like accepting Apple Pay and Online Orders directly through the system. The POS itself is very easy to use. The guys at Harbortouch POS of Boston showed us great support since the installation. They have been in our restaurant for the whole week until our staff got used to everything. 5 stars deserved!

Choosing the Right POS System

Making the switch to a new POS system is not one that should be taken lightly – and we understand this. With its unique features, customization options, and robust support, Skytab system stands out as a powerful tool to streamline operations and drive profitability in the competitive restaurant industry. Whether you run a small cafe or a bustling restaurant, Skytab POS has the potential to transform your business and set you apart from the rest.

Ability to integrate with leading servers

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We play well with others to take your
operations to the next level.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Skytab 

Sky tab POS system is a one-of-a-kind solution that was created for the purpose of streamlining restaurant operations and removing some of the age-old systems that keep business stuck in place. It offers a range of features and functionalities, making it an all-in-one platform for order management, payment processing, inventory tracking, and customer relationship management
You bet. Skytab Shift4 POS recognizes that each restaurant is unique. The system can be tailored to match your specific business needs, ensuring that you get the most out of its capabilities. This customization ensures that Skytab POS system seamlessly integrates into your existing workflow.
Skytab point-of-sale is designed with user-friendliness in mind. Our goal from day one was to design a system that eliminated the learning curve so many other systems require and to increase accessibility for employees of all kinds. The system’s intuitive interface and straightforward navigation make it easy for restaurant staff to learn and use effectively, without intensive training. Even those with limited technical expertise can quickly adapt to the system, ensuring everyone feels comfortable and confident.

Skytab, a flagship brand of Shift4 POS systems provides top-notch support to its users. 24/7 remote assistance and both onsite and chat support are offered to ensure that any issues or questions are quickly addressed. This support network is designed to minimize disruptions to your restaurant operations so that wait times stay low and service never suffers, regardless of the issue.

Yes, Skytab 

Starting with Sky tab POS is a simple process. Begin by scheduling a demo to see the system in action. This demo allows you to explore its pricing, features and functionalities firsthand. We encourage you to see the demo to make sure the system fits your restaurant.
Yes, Skytab Shift4 POS offers integration capabilities. It features a marketplace where merchants can explore and integrate services from other vendors. This ensures that you can create a tailored ecosystem of tools that align with your restaurant’s needs.
Absolutely. Skytab restaurant POS is equipped with a wide array of essential functions that enhance restaurant efficiency. By streamlining operations, minimizing errors, and optimizing resource allocation, Skytab POS can contribute to increased profitability for your business.

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