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Key Features of SkyTab Barcode Scanner

  • Fast ordering and payment system: The barcode scanner ordering and payment method is swift.
  • User-friendly: There is nothing complex about using the barcode scanner. The interface is user-friendly and easy to access.
  • Efficiency: Rather than waiting tables and keeping customers waiting while attending to others, customers can now easily scan the barcodes and place their orders. With so much free time on your hands, you can easily focus on other aspects of your business and boost sales.
  • Accuracy: You no longer need to worry about mixing up customers’ orders as you can easily find them on your system.

Since the outbreak of Covid19, people are now very much conscious of what they touch. The Skytab barcode scanner is exactly what businesses need to help prevent the spread of any sort of germs or bacteria.

Overview SkyTab Barcode Scanner

Skytab barcode scanner is a digital means of ordering and paying for meals at restaurants. This method is beneficial to the establishments and the customer as the entire process is made easier for both parties.

SkyTab Barcode Scanner vs. Manual Entry

The barcode scanner and manual entry methods are incomparable. The manual entry method of ordering and paying for meals has existed for years. We cannot deny that it is convenient, but we can agree that it is a flawed system.
A Barcode scanner, on the other hand, is very easy to process. All the restaurant needs to do, is provide a barcode that the customers can scan to get the menu and place their orders, then they do the same to make payments as well.

Simplifying Inventory Management with SkyTab Barcode Scanner

Inventories can easily be managed and Monitored with the barcode scanner. How is this possible? Each meal or product the customer orders through the barcode scanner is recorded on the system. To keep track of your inventory, you must go through the list of sales made for that day and do your calculations.

Customer Testimonials

Managing my inventory had always been a difficult task for me, and my records needed to be more balanced. Keeping track of all the inventories while handling the running of my restaurant was a serious issue for me. I tried out the Skytab barcode scanner, and I must say I wasn’t disappointed. I am not just able to manage my inventories now. I’m also able to keep track of my transactions with ease.

Skytab barcode scanner helped me cut down on labor costs a lot. Before, I could barely see my profits in a month after paying my staff, but now with most of the jobs now being done by the barcode scanners, I have no need for much workforce anymore, and I save more now.

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Lifetime Warranty on all equipment

24/7 remote technical support

Free Menu Building & Installation

New POS functions ARE included

$3000 annual value
$1200 annual value
$800 value
$3000-$5000 value

Basic Staff Training

Next Day Funding

Locked In Processing Fees

*Free Supplies (aside from delivery cost)

Real Time Cloud Access

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Get the most affordable POS system without compromising on the features and functionality you need to run your business.
Skytab Hardware Cost

– All hardware is free

Software Monthly Fees

– SaaS fees are paid for each device that is ordered


– Programming comes at no additional cost


– Training is provided at no additional cost.


– Onsite Installation is included at no additional cost.

Technical Support

– 24/7 Remote technical support and local onsite support is included.

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What our clients say about us

Olivia Ramos
Olivia Ramos
Very well trained professional work done right! Best POS by far! Definitely will be recommending to all my business friends! The customer service has gotten better and I love the fact that they have real technicians that can come by to fix issues next day!
Little Pecan Bistro
Little Pecan Bistro
Costs of using this POS is much cheaper than some companies in the market. Customer service in general is very caring and professional. The system is easy to operate with. The online gift cards purchase isn’t user friendly, called service team several times, not so much improvement has been made. Hopefully in the future they may solve the problem.
Ray Murray
Ray Murray
Did a lot of research on different POS before deciding on this one for 3 restaurants. Very happy with our decision. It has all of the modern equipment and convenience features we wanted at a better price point than most others out there. The 3 restaurants are all different so it’s nice to be able customize the set up to fit each one’s unique needs. Very user friendly interface on POS, handhelds, and back office log in. All in all a really great value!
I’m very fond of this and will continue to do business with them, very helpful always and good care whenever needed.
best pos system! especially Max the sales rep helped us a lot with setting up the account!
Carmelo Graceffa
Carmelo Graceffa
Sales rep Max worked with us on selling and installing a brand new Harbortouch POS. He was helpful every step of the way. He knows the product and he adjusted the software to work for our restaurant. The system is pretty easy to use. Remote tech support is available to troubleshoot when we need them. We're pretty satisfied. This was our very first POS. Our operations streamlined significantly.
Jim Tziavas
Jim Tziavas
We just got our pos system in our restaurant. Everything works good so far. We like accepting Apple Pay and Online Orders directly through the system. The POS itself is very easy to use. The guys at Harbortouch POS of Boston showed us great support since the installation. They have been in our restaurant for the whole week until our staff got used to everything. 5 stars deserved!

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